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We offer reasonably priced, high quality accommodation with care that is second to none. Our kennel staff are our main asset. Our full time staff have been with us for a combined 63 years so they know quite a bit about your dogs! All of our staff are dog owners themselves, with knowledge of showing and working dogs, dog behavior and psychology and dog nutrition. We pride ourselves on our reputation and we work very hard to provide the following excellent services for you and your dog:

• Fully licensed by EFDC – Licence number LN/210003651 – Licence name MRS B W ORMAN

• Veterinary approved with a weekly veterinary check

• Heated kennels at no extra cost

• Fussy eaters catered for

• Long and short term boarding – no minimum stay

• Professional grooming salon both for boarders and outside customers

• Viewings welcome between 9-12am or 1-4pm (Mon to Sat). No strict appointment needed but it would be helpful if you could call in advance with your name and a rough idea of day/time. Please bring ID when you visit for security reasons.

• Medication dispensed at no extra cost

• Lead walks for your dogs in a rural setting and free running exercise in our secure pens.

• Discounts given for long stay and multiple occupancy

• Collection and delivery service weekdays

We have a variety of different styles and sizes of kennels, from our indoor bays which are housed entirely inside a building (so ideal for the winter months and for our shorter haired guests), to our chalets, which are our extra large kennels suitable for large and extra large dogs and for families of two or three dogs sharing. We also have our Little Lodge which is where we keep our smaller canine guests – smaller more intimate accommodation indoors to protect from the cold and the scary big dogs!

All dogs are housed individually except for those coming in as a family. All of our kennels have tiled floors which are more hygienic than concrete floors. We are constantly updating and improving our kennels.

The kennel perimeter is secure and is protected by a monitored CCTV system.

Dogs are fed LOVEJOYS complete hypoallergenic dried dog food and a variety of the most popular wet foods. Dogs are generally fed twice daily but we can adjust this to fit in with their usual feeding regime. If your dog has special dietary requirements please discuss this with us as we may have a suitable alternative, otherwise you are more than welcome to supply your own food.

All dogs must be fully inoculated and must have had a booster injection within the past twelve months. Proof of vaccination must be provided on entry to the kennels. We will NOT accept any dog into the kennels without proof. More information on vaccinations including our policy on kennel cough can be found on our T & C’s page.

All kennels are cleaned thoroughly throughout the day with an anti-viral disinfectant, and bedding is washed daily. Cleanliness and hygiene are very important to us, and we take every step to prevent viral cross infection.

On entry to the kennels we will always ask for an emergency contact number – whether it be your own mobile number or that of a friend or relative should you be out of contact. Should your dog get sick or distressed in the kennels we will always ring this number to ask what course of action to take. If we are unable to contact anyone then we will use our own judgement and that of our vet, but it is always best to speak to someone that knows the dog where possible.

We always recommend that you view the kennels prior to boarding your dog with us if at all possible. This will give you a much better picture of where your dog will be staying and who will be looking after him or her. For any first time boarders we would recommend one or two short stays before you go on your main holiday just to see how your dog gets on in kennels.

Even in the cleanest kennels some dogs do get smelly! Dogs are walked around the farm where we have horses, ducks, foxes and all manor of wildlife. For some reason dogs love to roll in the smelliest substances – horse dung is one of the favourites! Luckily we have our grooming salon that can sort this out! To ensure your dog returns home clean and fresh, we can bath him just before he leaves us. Please ask about our ‘freshen up’ service for details and prices.



T: 01992 715283

Fully licensed by EFDC - licence number LN/210003651
Licence name MRS B W ORMAN

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